Uffie’s SXSW revenge

Uffie, who never did get around to releasing her debut album though she’s presumably been making music for four years, is making her reemergence at SXSW.

She had been out of public view for most of 2009, giving birth in October.

But unfortunately for her, the year she was away seemed to be when the window was open for her music to blow up. Now that the Floridian-slash-Parisian dance rapper is back, she’s mostly greeted with chatter about her less talented musical doppleganger, Ke$ha.

The comparison was shooting around the daytime crowd at the Hype Machine SXSW showcase anyway, so here’s this: Uffie is more talented than Ke$ha. Full stop. The major difference is that Ke$ha has an album.

The Uffster commanded the crowd as only a lazy afternoon crowd in a stuffy bar could be commanded. And she did it was impressive style.

She gave the impression she was too cool to be in there (probably was) and the audience took the bait and livened up. Her voice cut through the blurry beats from her DJ while her dances consisted of various poses that looked half bored, half Parisian chic. It almost had a Warholian feel to it.

Speaking of which, she often gets labeled as a muse for French DJs, or some sort of art project based on the number of talented DJs supporting her. But she at least can put on a decent show, mostly with songs from her still-fuzzy-on-the-details debut album but also her Ed Banger gems.

She ended the show with a half-a-song, a snippet from a new single featuring Pharrell Williams. Was this the pièce de résistance that will steal her style back from Ke$ha and capture an audience hungry for girly electroraps?[rssbreak]

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