All you lefties, vote for Preston

Rating: NNNNNFirst, I was just sick of this Alliance circus that's on the front page of the paper every morning..

Rating: NNNNN

First, I was just sick of this Alliance circus that’s on the front page of the paper every morning.

Now I’m afraid. That Christian crazy Stockwell Day is good for a laugh, but Tom Long could go places.

The brains behind Mike Harris can’t speak French, but he has enough money to do a lot of damage. Everywhere Long goes, there’s a parade of corporate death critters lined up to give him cash.

Herewith, a plan. Calling all decent Canadians who care about our country as we know and love it, where the quality of your health care is not determined by the size of your bank account, where we treat taxes not as an evil, but as the price tag for living in a civilized society.

Join the Alliance party. Yes, you heard me right. Go to and sign up. Then, when it’s election time next month, vote Preston Manning.

The way I see it, Preston’s victory would be a signal to the corporate money bags and the Canadian public that the Alliance is the same old Reform party in a new dress. We’d be assured continuing instability out there on the right wing.

Of course, you could also vote for Stockwell Day, a wing nut who’s far too zany to gain the trust of the sensible Canadian people. But I’m afraid of splitting the vote and engineering a Long win by mistake.

And you never know about Stock. Globe and Mail columnist Michael Valpy once opined that Mike Harris had as much chance of forming a government as the Heritage Front. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, some of you NDPers might get in trouble for having dual political citizenship. But NDP brass, please note, this is for a good cause. Go easy.

Under Alliance party rules, everyone who’s registered not fewer than seven days before June 24 (voting day) can cast a ballot for one of the leadership hopefuls. All it will cost you is $10 and some puzzled looks from your friends.

After all, desperate times call for desperate measures. Vote Preston Manning. Your country needs you.

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