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The year in review

U.S. goes for broke in Afghanistan announcing another troop surge. Achilles’ last stand or the Tet Offensive all over again?


Israel invades Gaza. Our PM offers “unequivocal support” for “Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks by Hamas.”

Iran’s post-election Twitter revolution sends hopeful signals across the globe.

Castro’s Cuba turns 50. Viva Fidel. Viva la Revolución.

Governor General Michaëlle Jean gets clobbered by Humane Society International for sharing a tasty piece of seal heart with the good people of Rankin Inlet.

State Department gives the go-ahead for an $8 billion, 1,600-kilometre Enbridge pipeline to carry tar sands oil to refineries in the U.S.

The U.S. president refuses to drop military commission charges against Canadian Omar Khadr – child soldier, political prisoner, suspected Taliban fighter.

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