Summertime smoke-out: 10 glorious ways to celebrate legalization

It’s the first summer that Canadians can enjoy weed legally, and what better way to celebrate than to get gloriously high – which is to say with gusto, joie de vivre and creativity. Fear not, friends. We’ve combed our brains for 10 summertime-friendly ideas. But remember that we’re all different and require various amounts to get optimally baked, so go slow.


1. Ice Bong cometh

The ice bong is a classic for good reason – it’s delicious and refreshing in the heat. And it’s not at all difficult to do, especially if you have a newer glass bong that catches cubes. 

Just pile ice in the stem of your bong for nice cool rips – but keep an eye on the water level as your cubes melt!


2. DIY Moon Rocks

If you smoke frequently, you’ll have come across a Moon Rock, a dank nug dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief. The best way to smoke a Moon Rock is to tear a piece off the whole rock and fire it up in a bong or pipe. Prepare to cough, and please, just do this on special occasions! Let’s not get ripped on Moon Rocks regularly.


3. Stoned by drone

You may recognize Maine resident Eric Mercer from Instagram. His genius drone-bong video went viral last year, delighting both stoners and droners alike. Amazing. But why, Eric? Why? “[It] was just a passion for drones, a passion for being creative and wanting to come up with cool, new things to show people on Instagram,” he told Marijuana Moment.


4. A little lube will do ya 

These activities won’t make you feel high, but they’re ultra-relaxing ways to enhance your high if you choose to imbibe along with them.

Add some cannabis oil to your tub of hot water to relax the muscles. If you don’t want to use your precious THC-infused oil, hemp oil makes an incredibly rich moisturizer. 

Or try a cannabis-infused lube for a slightly tingly, very horny time spent solo or with others. Again, if you combine some edibles or a few puffs with a topical, you may experience a new kind of high. Definitely recommended.


5. Supers and blowbacks

If you want to feel nostalgic – or like a teenager in the 90s, a decade which I hear is super hot right now – try a “super” or a “blowback.”

It’s perfect for a flirty park sesh with a friend, but requires some skill if you don’t want to end up burning you tongue.

Carefully put the lit end of a joint in your mouth and then make like a blowfish and blow the stream of smoke into your friend’s mouth. Make sure to go slow.


6. The pretty princess rose petal joint

Whenever I hear Girl Blunt by Leikeli47, I choose to ignore the irony entirely and instead consider what a “girl blunt” might be. 

And while I absolutely cannot conceive of anything worthwhile here, a possible suggestion is the rose petal blunt.

It’s pretty, tastes like roses and is a novelty. But it’s a huge pain in the ass to make. Here’s a tutorial, but keep your eyes peeled for pre-rolled tubes you can just fill with weed. That’s way easier and you can still enjoy – men and fluid people will, too.

7. Make some friends, do a dab

It’s a funny world we live in. On the one hand, it’s wonderful that cannabis is finally legal. But on the other hand, laws have a long way to go to catch up to consumption trends. Thanks for the flower, Justin Trudeau! But we’ve been ready for vape pens and concentrates for a while now.

So if you happen to get your filthy hands on some shatter or (bless!) resin, head to your local daberie/vape lounge to get a training session on how to administer a dab. You don’t need to have a blowtorch sitting around the house.

8. Roll a 30-gram joint…

Just because you can.

9. Take a tolerance break 

If next-level sessions aren’t really floating your boat anymore, it’s time to take a break. Take at least a week off from any and all cannabis (assuming you’re not using for medical purposes). It’s healthy to remind yourself that you don’t need weed to function and give your body a chance to readjust to sober life.

Try not to replace weed with something else, like booze! Just give your bod some love.

After a few weeks, honour your time off with some quality pot. The high will be one for the books.

10. Burn one for cannabis amnesty

Did you know that unlike some American states, Canada has launched exactly zero equity programs in the cannabis industry?

There are currently no groups for people convicted of cannabis-related crimes to join to help get acquainted with the new legal industry. There are currently zero dollars allocated by governments, to, for example, Indigenous communities to become involved in the new, legal industry.

There’s still a lot of necessary work to be done to undo the harms of prohibition. Donate to Cannabis Amnesty, sign their petition and contact your MP ahead of this year’s election to voice your support for legalization and the initiative to pardon those with cannabis-related convictions. Legalization is wonderful, but only if we right the wrongs.

Kate Robertson is a Toronto-based editor and writer.


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