Ontario reports 103 new cases of COVID-19

Ontario saw the lowest number of case increases in over a week, but hospitalizations jumped by 20 per cent

Ontario public health officials reported 103 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, July 23.

That’s a marked decline from the rest of the week, when cases hovered around the 160 mark.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott announced on Twitter that 28 of 34 public health units were reporting five or fewer cases, with 21 reporting zero.

Cases spiked to a three-week high of 203 on Tuesday – partially due to a backlog in Peel Region – and yesterday’s new case count was 165.

Deaths and hospitalizations

No new deaths have occurred since yesterday, keeping the total at 2,755.

However, COVID-19 hospitalizations took a 20 per cent leap forward, with 154 patients in hospital (up from 128 people on Wednesday).

Of those hospitalized, 35 are in intensive care and 21 are on ventilators.

Ontario’s total case count is now 38,210, with 1,492 of those active and 33,963 now resolved.

Labs completed 26,000 tests since the previous day.


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  • Frank Sterle Jr. July 23, 2020 04:06 PM

    I believe that when the COVID-19 crisis began, the most influential voice to have our governments’ ears were the largest corporations.
    A good example was the airline industry; its resistance to an immediate halt in international flights, causing weeks of delay, may have translated into many Canadian COVID-19 deaths.
    Those doubting the powerful persuasion of huge business interests need to consider how governing officials can feel crippled by implicit or explicit corporate threats to transfer or eliminate jobs and capital investment, thus economic stability.
    PM Justin Trudeau’s recent reputation-damaging experience with SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. is one scandalized example. How many more are there about which we’ll never learn?
    Also concerning is that corporate representatives actually write bills for our governing representatives to vote for and have implemented, typically word for word (supposedly to save the elected officials their time).
    A common government refrain prevails, that best business practices are best decided by business itself. Yet this was proven false by, as a most consequential example, Boeing’s decision to delay the grounding of its ill-fated 737 Max planes, regardless of indicators, including employee warnings, they should be grounded and serious software glitches corrected.

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