Gambling Giambrone

The mayoral hopeful looking to overcome a bombshell

Whatever are we to make of that salacious frontpager in the Star about young mayoral wannabe Adam Giambrone allegedly getting a leg over on his City Hall office couch, having an “inappropriate relationship,” he calls it, with one Kristen Lucas?

Here we thought Giambrone was supposed to be the second coming and he’s really just… human. Tsk. Tsk.

It shouldn’t matter one iota, of course, who Giambrone’s allegedly diddling.

But living as we do in the age of infotainment, it’s no surprise that l’affair Giambrone’s the talk of the town.

Call it the tabloid trance.

Within hours of the bombshell, the question on everyone’s mind was answered.

Giambrone would not be abandoning his run for mayor, after all.

It’s a huge gamble.

His political enemies are already having a field day. A few among them are no doubt scouring City Hall visitors logs and security cameras for more dirt as we speak. Stayed tuned.

Another nail in the cross for Giambrone’s mayoral aspirations?

The wild card in all of this remains Lucas herself. There are no assurances she won’t continue to make herself a presence in the press. What then?

Giambrone has some of the best spinmeisters and political handlers in the business behind him, including Robin Sears, aka Vlad the Impaler, of Navigator fame.

They were the PR outfit called to save Brian Mulroney’s ass during the inquiry into possible bribes from German businessman Karlheinz Schrieber. And former attorney general Michael Bryant after he was charged with criminal negligence in the high-profile death of cyclist Darcy Allen Sheppard.

The calculus has been made.

As long as there aren’t more skeletons in the closet – you can bet Giambrone’s handlers have made sure of that now – there’s no choice but to try and ride this one out.

Besides, too many important people have tied their wagon to Giambrone to quit now.[rssbreak]

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