Gay-cop static

Rating: NNNNNwhen the gay community meetsMay 30 to elect members to a gay-police liaison committee, it won't be as a.

Rating: NNNNN

when the gay community meets

May 30 to elect members to a gay-police liaison committee, it won’t be as a united front.

Count the June 13 Committee, Maggie’s Toronto Prostitutes Community Service Project and the Coalition for Lesbian and Rights in Ontario out.

These groups say the selection process being considered for the committee is “exclusionary, undemocratic and police-driven.” No nominations will be accepted from the floor. And only individuals who are sponsored by a community organization will be eligible to sit on the committee.

This just weeks after the cops informed the groups that they will not take part in any committee that includes sex workers or individuals who don’t first pass a background check.

“What’s being imposed now is not the result of a democratic vote,” says June 13 Committee spokesperson Kevin Beaulieu. A policespokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

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