Hate fest

Rating: NNNNNholocaust deniers. muslim ex- tremists. New World Order opponents who think there's a Jewish conspiracy to take over the.

Rating: NNNNN

holocaust deniers. muslim ex- tremists. New World Order opponents who think there’s a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. They will all be at a conference on Revisionism And Zionism in Beirut, Lebanon, later this month.

The gathering should be a real hate-along. The Anti-Defamation League in New York says it signals an ominous connection between Holocaust deniers and Muslim extremists.

Mark Weber, head of the California-based Institute for Historical Review (IHR) that’s helping to organize the conference, agrees. He says, “The interest in revisionism has been growing steadily for quite a long time in the Arab and Muslim world.”

Security will be tight. Conference attendees will be given a special number to call when they arrive in Beirut for information about the precise location of the gathering. Visitors whose passports contain Israeli visas or entry or exit stamps will not be admitted to Lebanon.

Closer to home, one Montreal-based Arabic language newspaper has been the subject of controversy for its anti-Israeli writings. Palestine House in Toronto is also objecting to the inclusion of one of its rallies in B’Nai Brith’s annual report of anti-Semitic incidents.

John Asfour, president of the Canadian Arab Federation, says he finds the connection between extremist Muslims, who he says are a very small group, and Holocaust deniers unsettling. “It’s disturbing that our modern society has to put up with such violence and conspiracy theories.”

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