Hate traffic, but love arguing about it?


Along with being a reliable excuse for tardiness and second only to weather as the go-to for obligatory small talk, traffic is above all the bane of a Toronto driver’s existence.

This seemingly incurable road disease is the hot topic that’s inspired Toronto’s first official “Traffic Jam” which invites progressive thinkers, data analysts, digital creatives and any other kinds of honkers you can think of to collaborate on finding innovative solutions for the city’s congested roads.

Organized by sustainable city purveyors, Evergreen CityWorks and the City of Toronto, registration is now open for idea generators, developers, digital artists and data detectives to join the discussion. The 150 selected participants will be placed on teams of four to work alongside traffic analysts and data collectors over the course of 48 hours at the Evergreen Brickworks on October 2.

All teams will subsequently present their findings and ideas at the TrafficJam expo, where an awards ceremony facilitated by Mayor John Tory will celebrate the most impressive projects.

While it is a long road that lies before we see whether or not these solutions are implemented, it’s an exciting prospect for public input and a fantastic opportunity for anyone who’s ever wanted to refer to themselves as a “data detective.” 

For more information on how you can get involved in participating, visit TrafficJam’s website. 

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