How to find the best internet provider in Toronto

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Finding a reliable internet service provider (ISP) that doesn’t wreak havoc on your emotional well-being and budget is more challenging than it should be.

But without an internet connection at home, we wouldn’t be able to work remotely, shop online or connect with our family and friends from a distance. People continue to pay excessive amounts of money for below-average customer service and mediocre tech support because without the internet, their opportunities would be limited.

When it comes to connecting your home or office to the internet, large telecom companies are not always best — independent ISPs tend to offer better deals and customer service. So to help you find the best provider in Toronto, we’ve researched some tips to consider before signing up with an ISP.

Avoid companies that offer short-term pricing with future price increases

If you receive a special deal or introductory offer from an ISP, remember that it’s temporary and the price you’re paying will eventually increase. And once this happens, you’ll have no choice but to find a new provider with more sustainable pricing.

Choosing an ISP because of a short-term pricing deal is never a good idea — instead, look for a provider with stable, reliable pricing. In the long-term, using an independent ISP will save you money as they offer lower cost with no hidden fees, whereas larger companies price gouge for profit.

Prioritize customer service and technical support

We’ve all been there: sitting on hold with our ISP, listening to muffled jazz music, waiting for someone to pick up and give us some answers. Reliable, honest and responsive customer service can make all the difference, especially when you’ve got burning questions.

With an independent ISP, you’ll never be put on hold for two hours and will be dealing with cross-trained staff that won’t transfer you to several other departments.  

Smaller, agile providers have more knowledgeable technical support staff that can handle a variety of complex issues. Experts are able to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster than those with limited wireless internet experience.

Toronto provider Diallog treats every customer like a living, breathing human — not like a number. Before someone signs up for a plan, a friendly team member will provide honest recommendations based on the customer’s requests.

 Check out online reviews

A simple and effective way to gain insight on an ISP is by sifting through its reviews on Google or searching for its profile on Facebook and clicking on the “reviews” tab. On these sites, you’ll find honest comments from past and current customers.

Look for user reviews that talk about how the company dealt with problematic situations and pick an ISP that addresses these in a prompt and respectful manner. 

Steer clear of fixed-term contracts

Change is the only constant in life, which means you should avoid being locked into a fixed-term contract. When a user decides to break their contract, they’re embarking on a journey that will likely lead to termination fees.

Independent ISPs are much more flexible and offer month-to-month plans, allowing customers to change providers if needed.

Consider service diversity

By using companies like Bell and Rogers, you’re limited to only their service connection type — specifically DSL for Bell and Coaxial cable (or coax) for Rogers.

But if these connections don’t perform to your needs, based on your location, you’ll need to switch providers. Most folks find that going with an independent ISP gives them more choice and they appreciate the honest recommendations that they receive from the team.

Avoid companies that limit data

Large companies are notorious for limiting data, throttling speed and for blocking certain websites or apps. All customers deserve the freedom to enjoy their internet without being monitored or restricted.

Thankfully, independent ISPs are more adaptable and will give you more liberties while maintaining your privacy.

Look at local companies first

Using a local ISP will help increase competition and create an ecosystem for sustainable internet prices across Canada — and that’s all we could ever dream of.

Because many people think that they’re limited to large companies like Bell and Rogers, it’s important to share your positive experiences. Spreading the word about independent ISPs, including Diallog, is an easy way to make a difference in the murky telecommunications industry.

Customers can count on Diallog for trustworthy customer service, efficient and professional technical support, unlimited home internet and more. Diallog customers receive unlimited internet access without being locked into a contract or charged any hidden fees.

Diallog’s plans are pay-as-you-go and start at $30 per month.

To learn about Diallog’s internet service options, submit a service availability inquiry here.

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