Jian Ghomeshi has “slithered out from under a rock” with new podcast

Update 04/11/2017: hosting software Art19 announced on Twitter that they’re suspending the new series:

Too soon?

Yes, according to Twitter reaction so far today: it’s too soon for Jian Ghomeshi to be launching The Ideation Project, a new podcast hosted by Art19. In March of last year, the former CBC broadcaster was acquitted of four charges of sexual assault and a charge of choking to overcome resistance.

The description reads, “In a 140-character environment, nuance is often a casualty. The Ideation Project is a creative adventure with the aim of taking a bigger picture view on newsworthy issues and culture, with the goal of asking questions and starting conversations.” 

Nope! Nope, nope, nope. I can’t bring myself to listen, but so far most of Twitter appears to feel the same way:

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