Men's rights whitewash

Canadian Association for Equality less than forthcoming in bizarre interview



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Men and boys exist.

Looks to me that, more and more, NOW is making itself irrelevant regarding real issues and more relevant to supporting the status quo.

binky 72 days ago

Equality for Men Day = Red Flags??

"Equality for Men Day would have raised some red flags". What is wrong with having a center for men and families? From statistics that I have read, there are some real issues that men face that need to be addressed. Just because they are promoting men's rights or the like does not mean that they are in any way anti-women. I was shocked to read that only in 2014 did the first clinic for men open in Toronto. Men certainly may not face the same challenges that women do but to deny them of a supportive community that aims at supporting men and families is just strange to me.

Robynne 132 days ago

Ben is pro-women, Denise is anti-women?

I find it funny that the man who writes this article calls this group anti-woman because the group is apparently trying to raise issues for men and boys. Yet, CAFE has a woman outreach director doing their interview!!!

You're telling us an "anti-woman" group is employing women as their main point of media contact? Seems a little out there...

Callie 85 days ago

men and boys exist

Absolutely men have no rights and therefore have no centers either. This happened to my son while his
ex moves on only to repeat the cycle of abuse . The issue is the male is always at fault and the evidence of domestic violence situation is never considered.

Maureen 70 days ago


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