Reality Check


Any day now Dalton McGuinty is expected to announce a new energy plan based on the power authority’s call for a $40 billion nuclear expansion. Here are 10 questions the preem should ask himself before he locks us into this dubious tech Rating: NNNNN

1. Is there really an urgent need to make a decision on power we won’t see for a decade – or is that just the nuclear power lobby yelling in my ear?

2. If a Chernobyl could never happen here, does that mean a Walkerton could never happen in Chernobyl?

3. Can I really keep a promise to store radioactive waste safely for a million years?

4. Don’t people expect the premier to show confidence in his own government’s new renewable power incentive or in the province’s burgeoning renewable power industry?

5. Is my government’s 5 per cent conservation goal against peak demand a tad modest, like solving an alcohol problem by drinking 5 per cent less on bingeing days?

6. Hmm, did we get our order right? Step A: Commit billions to new nuclear supply Step B: Figure out how much power we actually need after passing laws and helping people and businesses to reduce demand.

7. Are terrorists likely to attack a wind turbine or a well-insulated building equipped with a solar water heater?

8. Can we ignore a history of safety problems and shutdowns?

9. Investing in energy efficiencies will lower energy bills, save power and create thousands of jobs. Not as exciting as building nuclear megaprojects, is it?

10. Will anyone mind if we go billions over budget, like last time?

Albert Koehl is an environmental lawyer with Sierra Legal Defence Fund.



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