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Rating: NNNNNno telling what holocaust de-nier Paul Fromm will say when no one's looking. We were finally able to get.

Rating: NNNNN

no telling what holocaust de-nier Paul Fromm will say when no one’s looking. We were finally able to get a video of his speech to the American Friends of the British National Party last March in Falls Church, Virginia.And there Fromm is spinning curious tales about immigration and multiculturalism putting Canada on the road to the kind of racial strife we’re seeing in Zimbabwe and South Africa between blacks and white farmers.

“That’s what will happen when we (whites) are no longer the majority,” Fromm rails from a podium in front of a flag bearing a celtic cross. Applause.

Fromm uses a bit of history, Canada’s turning away a boatload of Jewish immigrants escaping the Nazis during the war, to proclaim how the PM at the time, MacKenzie King, was “a great patriot and a great Canadian.”

The crowd’s really cooking now, and Fromm uses the moment to offer a few more tantalizing tidbits about Christmas being banned in Canadian public schools and cabbies who happen to be Muslim slashing transvestites for complaining about the music on the cab radio. Strange country that Canada, or Absurdistan, as Fromm keeps calling it during his speech.

So, what is Canada to do, then, to ward of this colossal wave of black and brown immigration? Fromm, who shares the stage with former KKK grand wizard David Duke, says the government should give white couples financial incentives to make white babies. Immigration, he continues, is all about displacing the white race.

Fromm did not respond to a request from NOW for comment.ENZO Di MATTEO

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