Snoop Dogg


Rating: NN

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“Find out if Snoop really stopped smoking weed and see the cooling effects of weed on his music,” pitches the back of the West Coaster’s latest tour DVD – both a dead giveaway and a gross understatement. Really, it should read, “See the effects of enough weed to kill a feral mammoth” as Bigg Snoop and crew (including his “spiritual adviser” Bishop Don Magic Juan, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Daz, the Eastsidaz and the old man who dances onstage like a Jarvis crackhead) puff-puff-pass their way through 29 poorly filmed dates.

The DVD rips off MTV Diary’s production, down to the font, while documenting the predatory carnival of tits and depravity called “backstage.” Then it abruptly swoops into amateur documentary mode by introducing an investigation of marijuana laws featuring a NORML conference, UCLA profs and the permafried staff of High Times Magazine – a direction that forks into analytical tangents about weed ethics. Eventually, you’re just sitting there going, “When’s he gonna do Gin And Juice?”

Snoop hits the Docks tonight (Thursday, April 28).



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