Toronto butterfly and bee ‘heroes’ wanted

The David Suzuki Foundation is looking for people across Canada to help butterfly and bee populations, and conserve nature. (Photo courtesy: The David Suzuki Foundation)

Volunteers are being recruited all across Canada to take part in the David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project.

The project will include dedicated volunteers, referred as Butterflyway Rangers, to boost wild bee and butterfly populations in neighbourhoods throughout the country.

“Since 2017, Butterflyway Rangers have created and cared for thousands of native plant gardens that support pollinators, beautify neighbourhoods and connect communities,” Senior Public Engagement Specialist with the David Suzuki Foundation Winnie Hwo said in a news release on Monday. “They are a powerful force for good.”  

The rangers are part of a national network of pollination advocators, and will receive training from staff through monthly webinars and online resources, as well as connecting through online meetups, social media and in-person gatherings.

Over the past six years, rangers in hundreds of communities across Canada have established more than 7,000 habitat gardens and 91 Butterflyways in their neighbourhoods, according to the release.

These gardens provide food and shelter for wild bees and butterflies, while also contributing to the beauty and sustainability of neighbourhoods. 

Applications will be accepted between Jan. 30 and Feb. 13 on the David Suzuki Foundation website.

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