Coors Light is reminding you it’s still officially summer with #CaughtByCoorsLight

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Long lazy days by the lake, backyard barbecues and wearing shorts to work – summer is undoubtedly the greatest season of the year. And when the living’s easy and the vibe stress-free, the last thing you want is for the good times to end.

Famous as the beer that’s Made to Chill, Coors Light has a question for you: why the hurry to reach for the pumpkin spice and plunge back into a 24/7 world of meetings, deadlines, and online conference calls? Fall will be here soon enough. Right now, as we sometimes tend to forget with the arrival of Labour Day and back-to-school sales, it’s still officially summer until September 22.

You wait all year for the arrival of summer, so what’s the rush to cut it short by 20 percent? Coors Light wants to help you and your friends remember that you can dial it back and chill until fall officially arrives.

Your mission? To keep an eye on the Instagram and Twitter feeds of your friends. 

The second you see a post where someone is hoisting a pumpkin-spice anything, talking about toques and scarves, recommending Halloween movies or packing up the water skis and closing down the cottage, tag them with #CaughtByCoorsLight. 

Every time you tag a friend with #CaughtByCoorsLight, you’ll be entered to win prizes that will help you keep summer in full swing. Don’t forget to tag Coors Light Canada in your #CaughtByCoorsLight tag (@coorslightcanada on Instagram, @coorslightca on Twitter). 

Sometimes your friends need a gentle and fun reminder they’ve fast-forwarded to fall without knowing it. While you’re at it, why not ask them to put on their best summer dress or Hawaiian shirt and come over for a backyard hang-out? Sunglasses and flip-flops are optional. 

Honestly, does anyone need to be thinking about where the rake, leaf blower and gas fire pit are when there are still sunny days of summer left to savour?

Life is endlessly busy and it often gets stressful. As the Coors Light folks behind the beer that’s Made to Chill might suggest, you owe it to yourself to squeeze every last day out of summer, keeping things chill for as long as possible.

You can find Coors Light on Instagram at @coorslightcanada, and on Twitter at @coorslightca

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