Stop water-damage problems before they start by contacting the experts at Direct Waterproofing 

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As the team at Greater Toronto’s Direct Waterproofing knows all too well, the one thing no homeowner wants to discover is water damage. 

The worst-case scenario is major flooding, which can be caused by anything from broken neighbourhood water lines to excessive rainfalls (the latter becoming more and more common over the past decade). No one wants to walk into their basement and find their belongings floating in a lake of water, knowing that the cleanup won’t just take days but will stretch on for months. 

Even minor leaks can eventually lead to big problems. A small, seemingly insignificant crack in a foundation behind a wall can lead to black mould, wood rot, water-logged insulation or crumbling drywall. And often that’s just the tip of a headache-causing iceberg. 

Your best plan of action is simple: get ahead of potential problems, thereby stopping them before they start. And that’s where Direct Waterproofing is an invaluable resource. 

For the past 25 years Direct Waterproofing has been helping homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area avoid costly damage to their homes through interior and exterior waterproofing. 

That includes everything from basement lowering and foundation repair to the installation of a sump pump or a French drain. 

Different homes will have different challenges. Direct Waterproofing’s technicians assess what’s going on with your house, and then recommend possible solutions, whether it’s a weeping tile, backwater valve, or window well installation. 

When you deal with Direct Waterproofing, you’re getting industry-leading technicians who are trained to pinpoint problems, and then come up with effective solutions. That ability to accurately identify problems is invaluable. 

There’s a place and time for DIY upkeep, but the last thing anyone needs is to think they’ve fixed a foundation crack, only to discover a few months down the road that water has still been getting in the house. By that point the damage will have multiplied, and suddenly you’re faced with having to call in a carpenter to deal with structural damage, a drywaller, or a flooring expert to replace the carpet you had to rip up, or the wood flooring that ended up warping. 

Wondering when it’s time to call Direct Waterproofing? Things to watch for include a musty odour in your house or signs of mould. Examine your walls to see if they look bowed, or if there are watermarks or shimmers (caused by mineral deposits when water works its way through hairline cracks.) 

As for when to waterproof your basement, in the best-possible world that’s during new construction. But Direct Waterproofing also specializes in retrofits for existing homes. 

Some jobs are relatively small, including dealing with hairline cracks with a sealant, or applying a membrane or a strengthening and insulating coating to the exterior of a foundation. Bigger solutions—sumps and underground PVC drain tile—meanwhile, will make sure that water is carried away from your home instead of pooling around a foundation or under your concrete slab. 

Direct Waterproofing commits to using gold-standard products like Delta MS membranes and Polytarp vapour barriers. In a situation where the foundation’s concrete is green or damp—the company’s technicians know that’s when you apply the Aqua-Bloc 720-38. Direct Waterproofing also understands that nothing ups the effectiveness of a weeping tile like a sock filter, which will prevent pipes from becoming blocked in sandy or silty soil. 

Ensuring complete, and long-lasting, satisfaction and peace of mind, all work is covered by a 25-year transferable warranty. 

Want a quick clinic in how much water ends up in the ground around your house during a heavy rainfall? Find a friend with a sump, lift the lid the next time it’s raining and then watch as gallons upon gallons upon gallons of water are carried away every minute. 

Ask yourself how much damage that water would do if it got into your house. And then do the smart thing by being proactive and stopping a problem before it starts by calling Direct Waterproofing.

To receive a free waterproofing estimate, visit or call 416-454-7575.

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