Why You Should Trust Experts For Basement Waterproofing in Toronto

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Every homeowner knows the best way to prevent costly problems is to be proactive. Acting quickly is especially important when water problems in the basement foundation are involved because, as any tradesman will confirm, there is nothing that can damage a home faster and more extensively than a leaky basement in Toronto

That’s where the experts at Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Toronto are invaluable. 

With a quarter-century of experience in the Greater Toronto area, Aquatech understands that water damage occurs in many ways. 

Sometimes problems can come on so dramatically that it’s nothing less than overwhelming. Ask anyone who has walked into their basement after heavy rainfall to find a lake of water. 

And sometimes, the problems come on slowly, including toxic mold or wood rot caused by moisture in the walls or basement mustiness thanks to a cracked foundation.

When it comes to the issue of water damage, step one is identifying or confirming that there is a wet basement problem. If you’re concerned that water is starting to make an unwanted appearance in your basement, a call to Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Toronto can lead to a trained technician being sent out. A thorough — and, importantly, free — inspection will either let you know everything is okay or that steps should be taken to ensure there aren’t bigger problems down the road. 

“People are usually unaware of the problems that can occur in their basement, and they usually have many questions,” Aquatech Wet Basement Waterproofing owner Andrew Feskiv says. 

“At Aquatech, we always strive to answer those questions and help ensure the homeowner knows exactly what is going on with their home during our no-charge inspections.”

Taking action is crucial when there is an issue because more significant problems aren’t just a likelihood once water damage has started. They are a guarantee. And the key to avoiding the massive price tags that come with significant problems — carpets that need to be replaced or drywall and insulation that needs to be ripped out and installed from scratch — is taking preventive action. 

As the Aquatech Wet Basement Waterproofing team knows, being proactive is the best way to avoid such restoration projects, thereby saving money in the long run. Before any work is done, a detailed estimate will lay out all costs. 

Waterproofing doesn’t have to be a massive project. 

If signs of damage have just started, fixes can be as simple as having Aquatech seal foundation cracks inside a home to stop internal leakages. Outside parging, meanwhile, consists of applying a special strengthening and insulating coating or membrane to the exterior of a foundation that takes care of existing problems and potential future issues. 

Sometimes things will have gotten to the point where more than minor fixes are required. Aquatech offers a range of solutions for big jobs, starting with exterior basement waterproofing and foundation repair. That’s important as major cracks can lead to structural damage that causes floors to sag, windows to warp, and support beams to become compromised. 

To ensure that basements stay dry for good, options include the installation of sumps and underground PVC drain tile, ensuring that water is carried away from your home instead of pooling underground around the foundation. 

(On a side note, want to find yourself fascinated? If you don’t have an existing or updated drain tile, or a sump, find a friend that does. On a rainy day, lift the sump lid, and then prepare to be floored by the gallons and gallons of water you’ll see carried away from the house every minute.) 

For indoor sumps, Aquatech Basement Waterproofing offers the installation of pumps (some with Wi-Fi-enabled alarms) that kick into action when water levels or pressure become a concern during particularly heavy rains. 

And once you’ve used Aquatech to make your home waterproof, a great way to ensure that basements stay dry is to consider a window well. In addition to playing a significant role in collecting water so that it drains away from a house, window wells also let in natural light and can help with airflow, so basements don’t get musty-smelling. 

If you’ve ever come home after a long day at work or a weekend away to discover your basement is flooded with water, or poked at a piece of drywall to find it soaked right through, you know the endless damage water can cause. 

After a quarter-century in the business, Aquatech Basement Waterproofing knows that it pays to be preventive and excellent for one’s peace of mind.  

To receive a free waterproofing estimate, visit aquatechwaterproofing.ca or call 416-300-2191.

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