A messy snowstorm is expected to hit Toronto on Wednesday

Snowstorm in Toronto. (Courtesy: Unsplash/ Venrick Azcueta)

Significant snowfall is headed to Toronto on Wednesday, and is set to last into Thursday morning, according to Environment Canada

An alert for increased hazards is in effect due to reduced visibility through heavy and rapidly accumulating snow. The national weather agency says the snow is anticipated to reach 10 to 15 centimetres. 

A Texas low will bring even more snow to other parts of Southern Ontario, increasing snowfall highs to about 20 cm. 

If you were wondering, a Texas Low, also known as a “panhandle hook,” is a low pressure system created in Texas, causing unsettled weather, like clouds, rain, or snow.

Weather officials suggest snow may make travel difficult, so expect delays during your commutes and plan to avoid any uncertainties. 

A year ago, around this time, Toronto experienced over 26 cm of snow in a massive snowstorm that disrupted the city. 

But how do Ontarians feel about the upcoming storm? 

Some are taking it lightly.

And, others…are not too happy: 

But in any case, be sure to plan ahead, stay updated on weather conditions and stay safe, Toronto. 

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