The Blue Rodeo frontman's album is nostalgic and approachable, but just a little too boxed-in and careful more

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Toronto singer/songwriter Luke Kuplowsky's third album is a gentle but elaborate exploration of self more

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Kobo Town at the CFMAs.

Karen Atcheson

We made the trek to Ottawa to attend the annual ceremony, which this year felt more like a mini-festival more

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The Indigenous singer/songwriter legend has re-recorded songs from throughout her catalogue, with mixed results more

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NOW Digital Residency: Living Arts Centre more

Oct 10, 2017 11:04 AM LivingArtsCentre

NOW Digital Residency: Living Arts Centre more

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The Whitby singer/songwriter brings Bon Iver to mind, but his meticulous arrangements and gorgeous melodies set him apart from the indie folk pack more

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Singer/songwriter Phil Elverum's eighth album as Mount Eerie is an intimate chronicle of the weeks and months after his wife died of cancer more

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William "Grit" Laskin in his shop


Ahead of the folk awards, we visit Laskin's guitar-making shop to talk Jean L'Arrivée, inlay art and why we should bring back the "f" word more

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The sage poet takes stock of this anxious world and the dimming light more

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The songs on the Weakerthans frontman's second solo album feel like living historical artifacts more

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But things haven't gone completely dark for the Bright Eyes musician more

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Trouble more

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Song And Dance Man more

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In The Magic Hour more

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Lovers more

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