Hate getting pap smears? A Toronto startup is helping more people get tested with a self-collection device Read more

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Someone I had unprotected oral sex with was HIV-positive. In the eyes of the court, he should bear the full weight under the Canadian judicial system for failing to disclose his status to me. Read more

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"We see so many adverts for cancer awareness on TV – celebrities fundraising, people talking about it. You rarely see people talking about their HIV. It's still dealt with in silence." Read more

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"When you finally listen to what your body is saying, it's beautiful. You realize, 'Oh my gosh, I've been fighting you this entire time.'" Read more

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"For a guy to take his shirt off in front of a girl is a big moment. I wouldn't bring up the cancer with someone I was dating until I needed to." Read more

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Plus: Doing right by Dolly Parton and A word on Doug Ford’s upcoming book Read more

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A quarter of new HIV cases in Toronto are female, the majority are Black women and most are having hetero sex – just like me Read more

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Canada’s first REVIV location brings vitamin-wellness infusions to King West Read more


Solving the health care crisis in northern Ontario’s indigenous communities goes beyond funding increases  Read more

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Just don't call it art therapy: patients become active artists at Creative Works Studio Read more


Laws governing medical marijuana and the new dispensaries popping up all over town seem to be as sticky as premium ganja itself Read more

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Win a Lynx Fitness home/studio board, travel board and Lynx swag! Read more


A lesson in being creative with healthy food Read more


Sponsored feature: presented by Plants Not Pills Read more

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Sponsored feature: presented by Fibre 1 Read more


Sponsored feature: presented by 180 Smoke Read more


Sponsored feature: presented by Fibre 1 Read more



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As of April, at least one city councillor will have to smoke in his garage instead Read more




From kicking ass to de-stressing, this neighbourhood's got a lot to offer Read more

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In theory, summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh seasonal produce; in practice, it’s a lot of burgers, brews and BBQ. Read more