Radheyan Simonpillai

From indie upstarts and fierce activists to a literary legend, here are some Torontonians who made our film and TV scene exciting Read more

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NOW film critic, Rad Simonpillai, joins q's Pop Culture Panel to discuss Deadpool's success! Read more

NOW in the media

One of our film critics, Rad Simonpillai, reviews The 5th Wave, Dirty Grandpa, and 45 Years on CBC News! Read more

NOW in the media

Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever deliver star-making performances, but their characters’ misadventures are silly and meandering Read more


When They See Us

Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix

The four-part Netflix miniseries digs deep into the tragic and infuriating story behind the Central Park Five Read more


The George Clooney-produced mini series could be a little edgier, especially given our divisive times Read more


Adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s YA novel is a rare Hollywood film about a mixed-race couple Read more


Rather than focus on the issues plaguing the small Nova Scotia town, this quasi-doc is a promotional tool about R&B star Just Chase Read more


Blank Canvas Toronto Arts

Sean Howard/Narrative Drive

The art collective's CEO John Samuels (aka Just John) says the $20,000 prize will help fund more ways to engage youth in arts Read more

Art & Design


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The franchise's first live-action movie features Ryan Reynolds as a babbling, caffeine-addicted Pikachu and comedy that delights in how absurd Pokémon can be. Read more


Zhang Yimou’s striking grey-scale palette adds drama to rickety storyline set during China’s Three Kingdoms period Read more


Stars Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins bring some emotional heft to the material, but this is just another bland literary origin story Read more


Future History APTN

Courtesy of APTN

The docuseries' second season follows co-hosts Kris Nahrgang and Sarain Fox as they strengthen their connections to tradition and heritage Read more



Yung Yemi

With her hard-hitting new album 13th Floor, Brampton MC Haviah Mighty challenges notions that she’s too dark or too female to succeed in the rap game. Read more


Cliff Cardinal's play about a transient family setting down roots provides a fitting housewarming for VideoCabaret's new space Read more


Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart are terrific in uneven biopic about the fabled abuse survivor Read more


John Singleton

George Pimentel

The 51-year-old writer/director was taken off life support nearly two weeks after suffering a stroke Read more

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LA's Finest

Courtesy Bravo.

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba discuss their Bad Boys spinoff, L.A.'s Finest, and the men who stubbornly resist when women are in charge. Read more

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The Simpsons


The Simpsons writer Tim Long talks parodying Justin Trudeau, the fate of Apu and whether Ontario is really a good place to avoid Trumpian times Read more

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Killing Patient Zero Gaetan Dugas

Courtesy of Fadoo

In Killing Patient Zero, director Laurie Lynd profiles the Canadian flight attendant who was wrongly blamed for spreading the AIDS virus in North America Read more

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Marcela Arteaga takes a daring and dreamy approach to drug-war-related violence near the Mexico-Texas border Read more


Doc about mafia informant Tommaso Buscetta has a powerful subject, but it's weakened by odd filmmaking choices Read more


Without editorializing, film offers straightforward and unadorned interviews about 2017's Quebec City mosque shooting Read more