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The federal government appears to be backpedaling on its commitment to create an office of an independent ombudsperson that would be able to investigate allegations of abuse at Canadian mine sites abroad. Read more



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Toronto media have all covered, to one extent or another, the human rights abuse allegations against Barrick Gold – including widespread charges of sexual assault and killings abroad – yet all wrote glowing tributes to its founder in death Read more


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While the feds stall on appointing ombudsperson to check mining atrocities abroad, dozens of targeted killings have claimed the lives of activists opposing Canadian projects Read more


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The largest Indigenous resistance in 100 years Stateside has become an important flashpoint in the fight for clean water Read more


...and will cost the province millions for drugs for treatable diseases like Hepatitis C Read more

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Human rights violations at Canadian gold miners' operations abroad have become harder to ignore, but that's a strange thing to celebrate  Read more


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Still from video of December 7 action on Line 9 in the town of Ste-Justine-de-Newton on the Québec-Ontario border.

Many thought that resistance to Enbridge pipeline would dwindle after its approval, but Liberal promises to reform the National Energy Board has raised the tenacity of the opposition Read more


Will human rights crimes by Canadian resource companies abroad feature in Munk-hosted ­foreign policy debate? Read more

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Falling gold prices and financial difficulties in the face of years-long delays for projects give rise to shifting tactics for Barrick and Goldcorp in dealings with Chile's first peoples Read more


Whether former foreign affairs minister's appointment to the board of mining giant is payment for past political favours or not, it helps demonstrate corporate interests politicians serve while in office Read more

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The real threat to oil and gas industry is not the so-called “anti-petroleum movement,” but growing public support for Indigenous land defence across the country Read more

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Before the recent conflict allegations involving Canada's biggest bank, the CBC's senior business correspondent went to bat for another corporate employer of a romantic partner Read more

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