Toronto Dance Profile: Christopher House


As part of this month’s Toronto Dance Theatre Digital Residency, we’re profiling prominent artists associated with Toronto’s contemporary dance scene. See all of the profiles here.

Name your favourite recent dance production.

I was really happy to encounter Minor Matter at the Progress Festival. It filled me with joy at the end of a very long day and worked my brain like a pinball machine. The dancers were amazing and their commitment was thrilling.

What’s one dish or drink from a Toronto restaurant that you cannot do without?

I just discovered the Cacio e Pepe at Enoteca Sociale on Dundas West. Can’t wait to go back for more!

Where is your favourite place to go out dancing in the city? 

Hmm. Maybe a tie between The Black Eagle and Hotnuts at The Garrison.

How do you feel contemporary dance in Toronto is changing? 

There is an infectious spirit of adventure driven by the new generation of creators and their refusal to be limited by existing structures. Good things are happening. 

Is there a choreographer that you find especially inspiring right now? 

Jeanine Durning, a New Yorker who is coming to work with us next season. She is a force of nature. 

What drew you to The Glass Fields Project? 

I’ve been exploring different ways of considering my repertoire, and was curious about the potential of a group of choreographers harvesting ideas and impulses from Glass Houses, a work that I made in 1983. 

What’s it like to collaborate with Toronto Dance Theatre?

A blessing. A moveable feast. I always have fun and always learn something new from these wonderful artists. 

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