Toronto Dance Profile: Greg Harrison


As part of this month’s Toronto Dance Theatre Digital Residency, we’re profiling prominent artists associated with Toronto’s contemporary dance scene. See all of the profiles here.

Name your favourite recent dance production.

Anisa Tejpar’s In Time.

What’s one dish or drink from a Toronto restaurant that you cannot do without?

Beer. Many kinds.

How do you feel contemporary dance in Toronto is changing? 

I mean, I’ve only been in Toronto for nine years – but it seems like there has been a lot of composer-choreographer collaborations happening, which makes me happy.

Is there a choreographer that you find especially inspiring right now? 

Hanna Kiel! I love working with her.

What drew you to The Glass Fields Project? 

Christopher House and I have been talking for a while about collaborating. He reached out after Taktus performed at Ann’s tribute concert at University of Toronto. We’ve been trying find a way to make this collaboration happen – which has always been a dream of mine when I first arranged Glass Houses no.5 back in 2009. And here we are! 

What’s it like to collaborate with Toronto Dance Theatre?

It’s amazing. The talent of these dancers is incredible. It’s so nice to experience being physically part of the performance. I wish Ann were around to see it!

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