Toronto Dance Profile: Hanna Kiel


As part of this month’s Toronto Dance Theatre Digital Residency, we’re profiling prominent artists associated with Toronto’s contemporary dance scene. See all of the profiles here.

Name your favourite recent dance production.

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal’s Dance Me performed at the Sony Theatre on Dec 15, 2017. The show was inspired by Leonard Cohen’s music. I loved how this show reminds you of how special his music is. I really enjoyed how BJM was able to take you on this wonderful journey through the life of a brilliant musician. 

What’s one dish or drink from a Toronto restaurant that you cannot do without?

Any restaurant with good BBQ chicken wings 

Where is your favourite place to go out dancing in the city? 

In my living room.

How do you feel contemporary dance in Toronto is changing? 

I have been in Toronto for nine years and I’ve seen tremendous growth in the variety of styles of contemporary dance. Also I’ve noticed emerging artists are so much more active these days. All of this is wonderful for Toronto dance! 

Is there a choreographer that you find especially inspiring right now? 

There are so many great choreographers that inspire me. But right now it is two film directors – Christopher Nolan and Bong Joon-Ho – who give me great inspiration. 

What drew you to The Glass Fields Project? 

Glass House is an iconic piece from Christopher House. So it was a real honour to be asked to be a part of this project. I knew it was going to be an exciting challenge for me artistically to create something that was new but yet would honour the original work. 

What’s it like to collaborate with Toronto Dance Theatre?

It’s an amazing experience to work with such a talented and diverse group of artists. 

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