Fringe review: TRUNK!


TRUNK! by the company (Kerploding Theatre). At Kidsfest at the George Ignatieff Theatre. July 10 at 1:30 pm, July 12 at 2 pm, July 14 at 1:15 pm, July 15 at 11:45 am. See listing. Rating: NNNN

In the land of childrens theatre, the trope of the magic trunk is an old chestnut, but Victoria B.C.s Kerploding Theatre find new uses for the device in this vibrant fantasy adventure musical.

The plot follows a shy and timid girl named Daisy (Haley Garnet) and her older brother Oliver (Kaeden Derksen), who use their magic trunk to escape their evil nanny (Hannah Ehman) and oblivious dad (Shaquille Pottinger) and journey through a series of enchanted kingdoms.

In the first of these cartoonlike lands, Oliver is kidnapped by a wicked witch (Ehman), and Daisy, along with help from a guitar-playing dragon (Francis Melling), must embark on a fantastic quest to save him, all while learning how to be brave and stand up for herself along the way.

With brightly coloured costumes and fun and catchy songs sung to acoustic guitar accompaniment by Melling, the tale is perfectly suited to capture the imaginations of the youngest Fringers.



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