Charlotte Batler

Toronto street style

Charlotte Batler, student

What does style mean to you?

Style means presenting an image of your personality (the good side)

What is your personal style?

My style is eclectic, I mix vintage hand-me-downs from my mother or grandmother with modern essentials like jeans.

Favourite part of Toronto?

I have a soft spot for Yonge and Lawrence because of Alexander Muir park, I grew up hanging out in the ravine.



  • Scarf: my Dad’s
  • Jacket: got it in Spain
  • Dress: it was my Mother’s in the 60s
  • Socks: my Brother’s old sports socks
  • Boots: vintage from Act Two (Davisville and Mount Pleasant)

For this folk femme borrowed clothing is part of every ensemble’s story.[rssbreak]

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