Gift Guide : For the Locallist

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Buying local is smart on many levels, and the localist knows it. She can be confident that no human rights were grossly violated in the manufacturing of these items and that they weren’t shipped thousands of miles by way of ultra-toxic modes of transport. Besides, Toronto designers and foodstuff makers are so savvy, who can resist?

1. Connect with local potters every time you pour a cup of tea from this lovely Eric Wong teapot and cup ($100 teapot, $35 cup, OCC Guild Shop, 118 Cumberland, 416-921-1721,

2. Put some yummy in your tummy with jams, wine jellies and taste-bud-enlightening sauces cooked up just south of us in Niagara on the Kurtz family farm ( $35 for five-jam pack, Kurtz Orchards, temporary storefront in the Eaton Centre, 220 Yonge, 905-468-2937,

3. Just because your friend won’t buy prezzies from overseas doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get to snuggle up to Kim Kutner‘s sweet recycled fabric teddy ($30, Red Pegasus, 628 College, 416-536-3872,

4. Snag anything from Toronto fashion designers Dagg and Stacey‘s line (like this teal “laloo” top) and you’re bound to be a scene stealer ($135, Nathalie-Roze & Co., 1015 Queen East, 416-792-1699,

5. Complete the T.O. hipster look with Dagg and Stacey cropped turpin pants ($145, Nathalie-Roze & Co., 1015 Queen East, 416-792-1699,

6. Every locally made Echoes in the Attic purse is a one-of-a-kind creation made from vintage fabric, old Ts or hemp ($39, Dandelion Mud Pie, 6 Fairlawn, 647-345-7743).

7. If you really wanna get a local-lover’s tongue wagging, get him or her a one-month supply of Plan B‘s largely local, all-organic winter food share (from $25 a week,

8. Locavores need a copy of The 100-Mile Diet on their bookshelf to stay inspired ($32.95,

9. Need more tips? The Toronto Arts Council Foundation’s online 2007 Arts Holiday Shopping Guide has the lowdown on where to buy art and crafts by local artists, how to buy tickets to T.O. performances (perfect stocking stuffers) and all the info on holiday shows and sales. Just go to

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