Here are the most popular ‘lucky’ names in Canada

BonusFinder Canada compiled the top names that signify luck in the country. (Courtesy: Canva)


A new report is highlighting the most popular “lucky” names in Canada in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

BonusFinder Canada, a website dedicated to reviewing and testing casinos and sportsbooks, compiled the top names that signify luck in the country. 

The report also shows the average annual salary for each of the top 10 “lucky” names for men women and gender-neutral names.

Penny takes the top spot for the most popular “lucky” name for women in Canada, with more than 18,400 people sharing that name. The meaning of Penny, unsurprisingly, means a coin, which is a well-known symbol of luck and prosperity.

“One of the most popular theories regarding this subject depicts the battle between good and evil signified by the two sides of the coin. If one was to find a penny heads up, that would mean luck is on their side,” BonusFinder Canada said in a news release on Thursday. 

In second place, many women in Canada are named after the popular flower Iris, which means a rainbow.

“In Western culture, rainbows are seen as a sign of hope and a promise of better times to come,” reads the news release. 

The top five list for “lucky” female names is complete with Jade (stone of the side), Felicia (lucky, happy) and Felice (lucky). 

(Courtesy: BonusFinder Canada)

For men, the most popular “lucky” name is Felix with more than 6,000 males in the country sharing that name, and it signifies happy and fortune. Edmund follows in second place with the meaning fortunate and protector. 

“This name derives from old English, and it means ‘prosperity’ (ead) and protector (mund),” reads the release.

Ganesh comes in third place with the meaning God of the multitude, followed by Ayman (Righteous; Blessed) and Winifred (Holy, Blessed reconciliation). 

“According to Times of India, ‘Worshipping Lord Ganesha regularly wards off negative energy from one’s home and life, while worshipping him before starting something new keeps obstacles out of one’s path,’” reads the release.

(Courtesy: BonusFinder Canada)

BonusFinder also compiled the most popular gender-neutral names with a lucky definition, which include Bunny, Lucky, Arley, Tashi and Seven. 

“Why does this name (Bunny) signify good luck? According to historians, Celtic tribes believed rabbits would communicate with gods and spirits, due to how much time they spent underground. Because of that, many believed that carrying a rabbit’s foot would bring them fortune,” the release says. 

BonusFinder compiled the list of names deemed lucky and the number of people in Canada with such names using and



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