Sarah Miles

Toronto street style

Fashion profile for Sarah Miles, model.

What does style mean to you? Style means knowing what you absolutely love and what you feel the greatest in. It is also your personality and attitude being expressed the best way possible – through your look when you walk down the street. Being a chameleon of different looks is what makes style so interesting to me with the figures I look to. It is an expression of self, but you have to own it!

What is your personal style? My style is all over the place, to be honest. ‘cool glamour’ is the vibe I like to go for a lot of the time. Staying very natural and minimal à la Lauren Hutton- but adding something more with red lips, golds and leathers, when feeling the attitude. 1970’s model is how I would like to progress my style as I mature. But for now, I love my T-shirts and sneakers just as much!

I feel naked without: my oversized leather bag.

Favorite part of Toronto? I love my ridiculously talented and ambitious friends.



Tank: American Apparel

Pants: American Apparel

Scarf: Rudsak

Shoes: Value Village

Necklace: The chain and gold part from some small farm town, the silver thing is my Mom’s earring.

Turban: H&M


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