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East End Sigrid Geddes, skincare guru.

East End

Sigrid Geddes, skincare guru for Sigrid Naturals

EAST OR WEST? “I have east in my blood. I was born in Cape Breton, raised in eastern Ontario and I’ve lived on the Danforth on and off for 11 years. It’s clean and safe. The Carrot Common (348 Danforth, 416-466-2644) and Grassroots (372 Danforth, 416-466-2841, helped me build my business. The west is a bit cooler, but there’s something gentler about the east.”

Vera Gisarov, interior designer


EAST OR WEST? “King East design shops are the best as long as you can afford them. They are always ahead of the game. Klaus by Nienkämper (300 King East, 416-362-3434, has lunches and brings in designers like Tom Dixon. No one else in the city does that. King East is all high modern, exciting pieces, new technology and lots of eco, too.”

Karen Kang, Interior Design Show account manager


EAST OR WEST? “When our real estate agent said that Leslieville was also called ‘Babyville,’ we didn’t really get it. Now that we are expecting, we notice the abundance of young families, and we love Lil’ Bean n’ Green café and playroom (1133 Queen East, 416-463-2326, Leslieville feels like what Queen and King West used to be like before they got really commercial.”

West End

Ashley Rowe, fashion designer


EAST OR WEST? “Yorkville is all about the shopping, the number-one reason I wanted to live here. I like the people, the atmosphere and the tons of little boutiques, like UPC Boutique (128½ Cumberland, 416-929-9209,, that carry brands the high-end department stores don’t. And you can walk to everything you need. I would never move back to the east end. Never!”

Victoria Chong, filmmaker


EAST OR WEST? “There’s definitely more vintage in the west end, and that’s good for us because it’s really the only stuff we buy. Mrs. Huizenga (121 Roncesvalles, 416-533-2112) is special. The woman who owns it makes it feel like it’s her house filled with little precious things that she likes. West is best because it’s more alive. There’s just more energy.”

Sara MacLean, film artist and Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’ Market volunteer


EAST OR WEST? “I’ve lived in the west end for 12 years now, and Ossington is nothing at all like what it was when I moved here. I shop at Square Fruit Market (684 Queen West, 416-703-0402). Being involved in the Trinity Bellwood Farmers’ Market ( helps me connect with people in the neighbourhood. The west end is my Toronto.”

Photographed by Stefania Yarhi

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