The Way Of All Flesh (Prosthetic)

Rating: NNN

France might not be the first place that pops to mind when it comes to progressive death metal, but over the last decade or so France’s Gojira have become a popular anomaly in North America.

The quintet sounds so much like Lamb of God that at times they’re nearly indistinguishable. Whereas the latter focus on the socially decrepit fabric of the States, Gojira’s subjects are much more cerebral – even highbrow.

They ponder fun stuff like the inevitability of death and its mysteries, referring to the Ouroboros archetype among others. But excellent lyrics can’t save the record from the unnecessary length of some songs Flesh sacrifices some of its immediacy and impact in tracks that can drift away from the point. Mind you, if they cut the fat a bit they’d be downright scary.

Gojira rock Sound Academy Friday (November 7).


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