Nobody’s Daughter (Universal)

Rating: NNNN

It’s anyone’s guess what the difference is between a Hole reunion where Courtney Love is the only original member and a Love solo album, but one thing’s certain: somehow, some way, this record, unlike C-Love’s persona for the last decade, isn’t a cringe-inducing disaster.


Not that she doesn’t try to make it one, enlisting songwriting help from bland Linda Perry and head-up-his-own-ass Billy Corgan, as well as gloss-master producer Michael Beinhorn. Against all odds, Nobody’s Daughter prevails with head-turning vitriolic blasts like Skinny Little Bitch, Samantha and How Dirty Girls Get Clean.

There’s also a swaying California rumination (Pacific Coast Highway) similar to Celebrity Skin’s best track, Malibu. It closes with the stripped acoustic tune Never Go Hungry, where Love’s survivor spirit shines brightest.

Top track: Skinny Little Bitch

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