Brides on Fire

Philly metal punks hit the big time

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Philadelphia’s burning brides are still enjoying that honeymoon period with their new V2 label. It’s a joyous time that an artist experiences right after signing, when phone calls to the executive suites are promptly returned and every whim is dealt with as if it were a code-red priority. Typically, the good times last right up to the release of the first record, so the Brides are in for at least a few more weeks of bliss before V2 re-releases the brutally bashing power trio’s explosive Fall Of The Plastic Empire debut September 24.

They should have no problem dealing with the chillier times ahead, since the Brides still have a very clear memory of big-label brush-offs.

“When someone from a label used to come to our shows,” remembers caveman-like singer/guitarist Dimitri Coats from his Philly home, “it was always, like, “Sounds cool, but I’ll never get it past my boss.’ That would be it.

“And then when the White Stripes and Strokes blew up, we suddenly went from talking to A&R assistants to having meetings with the presidents of the biggest labels, who were saying, “We need a band like yours really badly!’

“The next thing I knew, the bidding war was on, everyone was telling us that we were the best band in the country, and people were making money offers without ever having seen us play. I’m glad that’s all over so we can finally get started.”

It’s not like the Burning Brides are a new band. They’ve been pounding away with a grungy Sabbath-inspired thud since Coats hooked up with bassist/partner Melanie Campbell while both were attending Juilliard seven years ago. However, the V2 signing will be like starting from scratch.

They’ve got a hard-hitting new drummer in Jason Kourkounis (formerly of Delta 72 and recently touring with the Hot Snakes), and since V2 will only be updating the cover art for their disc reissue — a crafty skull ‘n’ chicks design for added stoner appeal — the Burning Brides will be locked into playing the same songs they’ve been knocking out for the past three years.

“It was a bit surprising that V2 just wanted to re-release the disc that was already out. I never thought something that we recorded ourselves in a motorcycle garage would be up to major-label standards, but I guess it fits right in with the whole lo-fi thing that’s popular right now.

“I mean, we have the songs, so we could’ve done a whole new record in no time. We went into the studio two months ago with Jason on drums to record a few songs for b-sides and bonus tracks for Europe and Japan, and it all sounded amazing. We’re a much better group now than when we recorded our first album.”

BURNING BRIDES opening for Queens of the Stone age and …And YOu Will know us by the trail of dead at the Kool Haus (1 Jarvis), Saturday (September 7). $21. 416-870-8000.

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