Honest Buck

BUCK 65 at the Horseshoe (370 Queen .


65 at the Horseshoe (370 Queen

West), Saturday (March 2). 12:11 am. $8

advance. 416-598-4753.

Rating: NNNNN

it may not be much to boastabout outside of Nova Scotia, but being the illest hiphop MC in Halifax should mean something to Buck 65. Probably not iced-out watches and a badass Benz, although certainly a load of East Coast Music Awards hardware, right? Nope, not a single ribbon. Believe it or not, Buck 65 has been shut out each of the four times he’s been nominated. And Canadian pairs champs Sale and Pelletier think they’ve had some harsh judging.

“Once I even lost to Ashley MacIsaac,” chuckles Buck 65 from a friend’s pad in Halifax, “and that was in the urban category!”

What’s intriguing about Buck 65’s predicament is that he’s considered “weird” by the music industry establishment for essentially the same reason that he doesn’t get much love from the hiphop community at large — he’s different. Not in some kind of extraterrestrial Kool Keith way. Buck 65 is just a unique character with his own flow and a fearlessness about being autobiographical.

At a time when everyone else with a microphone is playing a player, Buck 65 is keeping it real by reminiscing about growing up in the KISS army. He doesn’t boast about groupie action. On the contrary, he rails against the backstage boogaloo as a pathetic pastime. For many, that’s a little too real.

“It used to be that hiphop artists aspired to be original, and there was an unwritten law that everyone respected about not biting other people’s shit. But today, anything truly original is just dismissed as “novelty’ and the artist gets classified as “weird.’ That’s sad.

“People want hiphop artists to fit a mould — wear the right clothes, use the right slang and talk about things other rappers talk about. If you don’t, you’re weird. But to me, it’s far more weird to dress up and rhyme about stuff you don’t understand. If I walked onstage in a FUBU jacket, wearing a baseball cap sideways and making wild hand gestures, I’d look like a clown.”

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