Lisa Marie Presley

Rating: NN

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What is it with chick rockers enlisting “co-writers” for their albums? How many male solo rock artists hire people to help them write? Get a band. And give it a name. Just over half these tracks of MOR guitar rock were co-written with Linda Perry – which makes it edgy for small-town mallrats and bland if you find Perry repetitive and trite. The whole disc is well constructed and melodic but ultimately lacklustre and heavy on the downtempo emotional stuff. You get the feeling Presley is a nice, ordinary girl who feels compelled to do extraordinary things due to her background. A cover of Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry shows she’s a good roots-rockin’ American at heart, and one of the Ramones’ Here Today, Gone Tomorrow adds street cred (Johnny was one of her best pals), but not so much as to scare off the Oprah-watching lady of the house.

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