Battling bros

Rating: NNNNNIt may just be for show, but it sure looks as if all is sweetness and light with the.

Rating: NNNNN

It may just be for show, but it sure looks as if all is sweetness and light with the McAuley brothers. No fisticuffs or backhanded compliments about being mom’s favourite for these lads. If only it were thus for all fraternal musical combos.The KnopflersThough Dire Strait’s debut sold a cool 7 million upon its release in 1978, Mark Knopfler still suggested to brother David that he “didn’t practise enough,” thus triggering the junior guitarist’s exit from the group. David had the last laugh when Mark subsequently unleashed the positively lame Notting Hillbillies.The AllmansOK, OK, so Duane’s death was a mitigating factor. Still, there’s no doubt that backstage rows in cheesy southern dives over who got to take the last acid tab erupted between the speed-freak guitarist and his similarly hotheaded keyboard-rattling kinsman.The Reids While Scotland’s other Reid brothers were singing the praises of sunshine on Leith, the Jesus & Mary Chain’s William and Jim raised the bar on familial antagonism, engaging in juvenile public performances and celebrated, behind-the-scenes brawls. Fortunately, none but those from the old country understood a single word they were hollering. The Gallaghers Possibly the most volatile brotherly order in the history of rock, Noel and Liam’s histrionic, hilarious mud-slings are pure tabloid gold, proving that blood may be thicker than water, but lager’s more powerful than either. KH

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