Goodbye church, hello bar?

Queen and Dovercourt could soon have another drinking buddy

You know what Queen West needs right at its Dovercourt intersection? Another bar.

There’s a liquor board application on the door of the old Slavic Pentecostal Church. As churches go, this one’s hardly a looker, so you might have missed it on your way to the “Drake you ho, this is all your fault” Starbucks.

The exterior falls into the double-wide mobile home architectural style, accented with a faux stone façade, Some could overlook the house of worship while peering at the Great Hall across the street -itself launching as a concert venue/gallery, a plan in the works since last year’s Ossington’s moratorium.

As for the ex-church – which has been on the market for what seems like years, plans are to call it The Saxony. It’s not completely clear what kind of venue this could be, but some are suggesting “semi-upscale restaurant” open late, with a live stage and, from the notice, outdoor liquor service.


Misha Glouberman of the Queen Beaconsfield Residents Association who’s been lobbying the city for sensible liquor policies for years, isn’t hating on the location, because “the problem isn’t individual bar owners.”

“The problem is a really lousy framework of regulations, that end up being bad for neighbours and for business-owners,” he says.

So if you want to blame someone, blame and city and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for not having the backbone to facilitate vibrant heterogeneous ‘hoods through sophisticated bar/restaurant by-laws.

There’s one other interesting tidbit in this cycle of nightlife: the fact that a holy house is becoming a restaurant/bar. It’s the kind of takeover that’d really have the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union up in arms.[rssbreak]

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