Happening NOW: Dec. 10, 2009

Longer washroom wait, annotated Palin and study suggests green shoppers are less altruistic

What’s happening Dec. 10, 2009

What does it take to find a public toilet in this city? Apparently, more time.

If you’re following the Sarah Palin saga, you probably know she had an Op-Ed in the Washington Post basically pointing out she’s a climate change denier. The Atlantic has reposted the piece with notes breaking down the simplistic editorial.

I can’t keep up with Tiger. But then again, Tiger can’t keep up with Tiger. Here’s a useful story for those in need of some harem management.

Does buying green mean you’re going to steal later? Maybe, according to a soon to be published research paper out of U of T. They found participants making eco purchases were less likely to exhibit altruism later. This concept is part of a growing school of thought around “moral licencing”.

Finally, congrats to the Clean Train Coalition on winning the Bob Hunter “Damn Fine Activist” Award. Here’s hoping they also win their battle against diesel trains.[rssbreak]

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