Happening NOW: Dec. 11, 2009

EU leading COP15, nano snowman, and Olympic art censorship.

What’s happening Dec. 11, 2009

In another strong move from the EU at Copenhagen, the 27-member state has said it will contribute over CAD$3 billion to a fund for poor countries to survive future climate changes (drought, deforestation, coastal shifts, and disease).

In Vancouver, art gallery The Crying Room got a taste of Olympic censorship for a work portraying the Olympic rings with sad faces. The city is sayings it’s graffiti, but it’s not a stretch to see why people are saying it’s a free-expression clamp down.

Will all the Tiger talk, it seemed appropriate to mention the Ashley Madison (that’s the online extra-marital affair site) plans to wrap TTC streetcars with ads using their “Life is short, have an affair” tagline.

In further anger directed at the TTC, ttcriders.ca, of which ACORN is a founding partner, is holding a protest of fare hikes at Yonge-Bloor station today at noon.

Finally, scientists at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory have made a nano snowman. It’s 0.02mm tall and is made of electron microscope calibration beads.[rssbreak]

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