Happening NOW: Dec. 14, 2009

Provinces scold feds at COP15, Globalive alive, and the year in Auto-Tune.

What’s happening Dec. 14, 2009:

Entering the second week of Copenhagen climate talks, Ontario and Quebec have called out the feds on feeble reduction efforts.

If you need a real time scoreboard on negotiation proposals, there’s a very simple one here showing where we stand today, where small island states would like us to be, and what the COP15 deals are offering.

At 12:30 pm today protesters will be swarming Bay and King and say you should bring drums, bells, pots and pans (to make noise with).

After getting derailed by the CRTC, Globalive, the cell phone market competitor being criticized for having too much Egyptian ownership, is back and probably launching before Christmas.

Finally, someone’s wrapped most of the year’s trashy TV messages in one Auto-Tuned clip.


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