Happening NOW: Dec. 23, 2009

Drugs in your fries, Cora's has rats and Santa's stick-up

What’s happening Dec. 23, 2009

Journalists, tired of suffering the “undue burden of proof”, as the Globe’s editor-in-chief puts it? Well, it just got easier to write that formerly libelous story. The Supreme Court ruling also opens the door for bloggers and new-media types to be wrong sometimes.

BlogTO, which seems to have cornered the market on what restaurants have rat infestations, has pointed out that Cora’s – the pizza place you used to pick over Papa Ceo’s while at U of T – has rats.

On the topic of trashy food, the feds are proposing junk food producers inject a leukemia fighting drug, asparaginase, into their products to fight the carcinogenic properties of certain snacks like chips and fries. OR, we can just avoid the things that give us cancer.

Dear nerds, ever wondered what a battle in space would be like? Of course you have. Here’s a long journey through the physics of space war.

Hey, the Santa tracker didn’t show a pitstop in Nashville – to rob a bank. St. Nick explained to witnesses that he was taking the money to pay his elves. Really.[rssbreak]

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