Happening NOW: Dec. 3, 2009

City donation limitation, Jon Stewart on Climategate, and all men look at porn.

What’s happening Dec. 3, 2009

Big wigs will now have to donate to their favourite municipal/mayoral candidates under their real name, partner’s name, kids’ names, gran’s name and all their willing staff’s names after the city banned election donations from corporations and unions.

Jon Stewart finally took on the “Climategate” hoopla [start clip at 2:50]. The truth? Rising oceans are caused by God’s tears. Why isn’t anyone reporting on that?

And what goes around comes around for the reporter who tossed his sweaty footwear at George W., when a shoe was thrown at him during a press conference.

Having trouble keeping track of Tiger Wood’s fiasco? You’re not alone. Following Jaimee Grubbs, alleged affair number two, with Rachel Uchitel, has re-surfaced. She’s holding a press conference today at 2:30 EST (probably denying stuff). Now the name Kalika Moquin is out there bringing the total to 2/3 confirmed women on your Tiger sex scandal scorecards. UPDATE: Uchitel cancelled 🙁

Loosely related, researchers in Montreal had to abandon plans to study the impact of porn on men because they couldn’t find a control group of men that had never watched pornography.

Finally, long-time local sex expert (sexpert?), Sasha, comes to NOW’s site starting this Saturday.[rssbreak]

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