Happening NOW: February 17, 2010

Vanoc's Olympic fencing, Abbey Road studios for sale and coffee with cats

What’s happening February 17, 2010:

The list of Vanoc failures is growing. Droves of Olympic guests are being treated the way Vancouver and Vanoc treat marginalized people – by fencing them off. An ugly chain link fence is keeping visitors far from the Olympic flame, but Vanoc seems to be getting the message and changing this controlled zone. Still no apology, though.

Our city is cracking down on idiots in an effort to shore up finances. So, the next time you call the fire department and don’t actually have a fire, expect a $350 fee. There used to be a free pass on your first misfire. Should be interesting to see how wingnuts defend our right to free false alarms.

Just listed for sale, excited boomer tourists must already be sweating at the prospect of owning Abbey Road studios – where even mid-week and off-season somebody is crossing the road for a photo or generally being the cheesiest kind of tourist.

Want to watch a free movie? HotDocs has opened its online documentary library.

Finally, there’s an endless pit of possibilities when it comes to themed cafes, but personally, I’m really happy Japan already has nearly 80 catfes (neko no mise -shop of cats), basically coffee shops when you hang out with cats.[rssbreak]

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