Happening NOW: February 19, 2010

Shelley Carroll considers running, Bixi needs money and Elton John says Jesus was gay

What’s happening February 19, 2010:

Ward 33 councilor Shelley Carroll, who happens to chair the budget committee, is saying she might reconsider her original decision not to run for mayor, noting, “I’m not going to pretend that the game hasn’t changed.”

The Montreal bike-sharing program, Bixi, is running into some funding trouble as it tries to open a system of bikes in Toronto. Specifically, it needs Toronto to help front startup cash (which returns through user fees). Biking Toronto has a list of ways you can help.

You’re going to need a lot of time to read this suicide note, but if you’re wondering what the man who flew a plane into Texas IRS building was thinking, here’s his angry essay.

Everyone using formspring should adopt failin.gs, which lets you anonymously reveal your thoughts on friends, so we can reveal what we think of your incessant formspring tweets.

Finally, Elton John says Jesus was “compassionate, super-intelligent gay man”.[rssbreak]

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