Happening NOW: February 25, 2010

Antarctic blood ooze, no strike at Ontario colleges, and Hummer is dead!

What’s happening February 25, 2010:

It was a slim 1.45 per cent, but Ontario college teachers will not be going on strike.

I should have put this video of on Winnipeg high school teacher getting a lap dance at a pep rally yesterday, but here it is now. The sexy show was part of some kind of spirit week dance-off.

Hummer is dead! Hummer is dead! A deal to sell the gross SUVs (popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger) to China has fallen through. Without a buyer, GM is simply killing the offensive machines.

Twitter related stuff: Yahoo has a new deal with the social media tool, so expect to have your tweets deeply wound in their search machine. More interesting, though, is that Conan O’Brien has finally joined Twitter.

Finally, check out the five-storey Antarctic “blood” waterfall. Is it from a Polar bear killing spree? Perhaps a sign of god’s rage? Or maybe it’s just an unleashed gusher of primordial ooze? Ding-ding-ding – it’s the ooze.[rssbreak]

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