Happening NOW: February 3, 2010

TTC trip planner beta, Fantino-style justice, and Tom Selleck sandwiches

What’s happening February 3, 2010:

The TTC trip planner that slipped out of its dress the other week is now available as a publicly accessible beta. They want your feedback, so give it a go. Critics are already picking it apart.

How disgusting is Edmonton’s Newwest Special Projects? The investment company just stranded thirteen terminally ill kids, whose Make-a-Wish dream was to go to the Winter Olympics, because ticket sales were slow on the cruise ship they were renting.

If you don’t already know what kind of person OPP head Julian Fantino is, read how he allegedly sent emails encouraging the arrest of a protester without said protester committing a crime. Oh, and Fantino withheld the emails for over a year.

People, if you want a dog, accept that it barks. Don’t be like these people who are humiliating/mutilating their pooches with debarking surgery.

Finally – and I mean finally! – the age-old question of what Tom Selleck, waterfalls and sandwiches have in common has been answered.[rssbreak]

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