Happening NOW: February 4, 2010

Toronto Centre by-election day, Stockwell Day's murse and Shiba Inu puppies!

What’s happening February 4, 2010:

It’s by-election time in Toronto Centre. Voters will decide today whether they want fast-talking ex-Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray or legendary street nurse Cathy Crowe.

Bike lanes on University Avenue? Hopefully. Expect the same insane blind rage from drivers that we saw back with the Jarvis lane re-think.

You know what happens when you prorogue Parliament and we have nothing important to debate? This: we have to talk about is Stockwell Day’s murse.

I wonder if Day’s man bag is made from the Saiga antelope. That’s one of the ten animals on a list of wildlife nearest to extinction.

Hey! Monopoly is round now and there’s no paper money. What gives?

Finally, click here and waste the rest of your day watching Shiba Inu puppies roll around or nap.[rssbreak]

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